Thursday, 30 August 2012

Half the year away...

Here's a little heads-up, in case you hadn't noticed yet...both my Etsy shops are back up! Ok it wasn't quite 6 months absence but getting on for it. I've decided that now is the time for The Return of Cat. The future of JumpUp and Scatterbox Originals remains unclear, but I definitely intend to keep them up and running until at least Christmastime.

You can reach either shop via the 'Etsy mini' links over on the sidebar, right there.

I'm not doing any making for a little bit still, because I am wearing so many different hats these days, I need to try and keep things simple. There is the job-hunting hat (I got a job as a cleaner, but it's part time and semi-seasonal, so I need something else), the flat-hunting hat, the good-friend-who-replies-to-emails hat, and the doing-the-housework hat. That's a fair few hats, I think you'll agree. And I only have a dinky little head (stops my brains from rattlin' around)

I also thought you might be interested to know that I added an About page to JumpUp. Etsy introduced this feature at some point while I was away, and I think it's a great idea. I can't remember who it was that first suggested it, but I think it was back in 2005/2006 in the very early days of Etsy that sellers started asking for a place to share some more information and photos of themselves and their workplace. I don't have a very photogenic workplace (the mugs of half drunk tea make it look a bit unsightly) so no photos of that just yet, but I thought I may as well share a picture of MY mug (ie my face, in good ol' British English) So I set about taking self portrait photographs.

Now, I am one of the people in the world who suffers from Camera Gurn, a little-known affliction which forces a person's visage to become horrifically uncomely the moment a photograph is taken. So, getting a decent photo of me looking as attractive as I'd like to, without resorting to Photoshop and some photos of Scarlett Johansen, wasn't entirely possible. After deleting more pictures of me with Camera Gurn than I care to admit, I finally hit upon a few pictures I liked.

Etsy's About page, which I hadn't originally realised, has a nifty bit of programming that changes your profile photo into a circle, cropping out the edges of your picture. So I couldn't really use the picture I wanted to use...

So I thought I'd share them with your here. Getting the backdrop to sit right in the photo was surprisingly tricky.

 This one was meant to be a quirky sideways smile at my 'cloud' but for some reason in this one, I remind myself of a coy pony. I don't know why, or even how!

I tried to look less like I was about to whinny and blow my hair out of my face through my nostrils...

And then I just looked plain worried.

Finally settled on this one, but like I said, didn't work with Etsy's cropping. Pah. Pretty cropping though.

And me with my glasses, giggling at myself, trying to be less blummin vain!

So I ended up going with this one, which has the unfortunate effect I get from trying to frame my photo by using a mirror to look at the reflection of the viewfinder screen...always gazing off to the side, looking slightly distracted...but hopefully I can pass it off as a look of artistic daydream-y inspiration...

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