Tuesday, 3 July 2012


It's been a while, and quite a bit has happened, so I'll try and give you the abridged version in rough chronological order...
New job - Yaaay! 
New job might not be enough money - argh. Maths. Stress.
Leaving old job - eek, sniffle.
Old boss got me bouquet of flowers - aaaaaaaaaaaaw!
Holiday in London - eeeee!
Turning 30 - waaaaaaaah!
Visiting poorly grandad - sniffle.
Training for new job - huuuh?
Struggling in new job - wibble.
Last day in old job - erk.
Visitors for birthday celebrations part 2 - sniffle-ish smile.
New job people being lovely - aaaah.
Struggling in new job, bosses suggest taking on a lower level role - wobble.
New job people being lovely but unable to help much more - eeep.
Struggling in new job - waaaah!
Ask bosses to change to a lower level job - erk.
Bosses say sorry, we can't do that after all - aargh!
Quit job -sob, sniffle, sigh...sleep.

Nobody has ever bought me flowers before, so even now they are dead and dried up, I am keeping some of them.

So now it's back to the job hunting...and figuring out what to do with the Etsy shops etc.

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  1. Quite an eventful time! Sorry to hear you quit your new job :( I hope something better turns up. Love the photos by the way :) love from me x