Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reviewing The Situation...

You might have noticed, my shops are all set to 'vacation mode'. I've decided to take a break from the making and selling because I need to get my stocktake done for the end of tax year, and also because I am needing to re-evaluate some things (namely, whether to keep going...and if so, how...) and because I'm preoccupied with job hunting (FUN!)

Anyway, I thought I would post to let you kind folks know that I am indeed alive, and as I hurtle towards my 30th birthday, I thought now might be a good time to review the New Year's Resolution (be braver/tackle phobias) before my time is overly consumed with the aforementioned things and also plucking out all my grey hairs. So...

Scary Things Wot I Have Done In 2012 So Far

  • Stood and watched a bonfire from a safe distance
  • Lit matches
  • Gave blood (first time since my original blood giving session in 2005, this time I didn't go faint or pale, yay!)
  • Done more job applications (x17) and interviews (x4)
  • Went to an event on my own (James Henry talk at the deli in Falmouth) - and spoke to people there, and came away with some new acquaintances
  • Went to a music gig (I find evening socializing oddly intimidating) - The Ambassadors of Sorrow - they are very good
  • Made phone calls to helplines (I'm not great with phones) when a parcel didn't arrive and to get help getting my computer online. (note to all, PC World's helpline people are very nice, but the customer service from Yodel delivery people is non-existent)
All of these things were more scary for me than going to see The Hunger Games, so I am giving my life in 2012 so far a 15 rating...or at least a 12...

Scary Things Wot Are Still To Come in 2012!!!

  • Fear of insects (mainly spiders)
  • Fear of heights (London Eye)
  • Fear of busy bustling places with lots of crowds (London)
  • Starting a new job (hopefully)
  • Going on a proper date (...maybe...)


  1. Hi Cat, congratulations on conquering some of your fears - I can SO understand numbers 5, 6 & 7 - I am exactly the same!! The London eye is fab, (well worth putting up with just too many people!) and turning 30 isn't so bad, just keep an eye out for those grey hairs, it has definitely become a preoccupation of mine! hehe :)


  2. Thanks Julia! It's good to know I'm not alone...