Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Sensible Thing To Do

*Sensible Public Announcement*

In these times of economic doom and gloom, it seems only right for a small business such as mine to sell things which can only enrich lives, enliven spirits and generally en-Sensible (why yes of course it's a word...) the day-to-day goings about that we all do. But I do think there is a difference between being Sensible and being serious. It is very Sensible, for instance, to have a zip-up pouch to contain your spools of thread, your pencils or biscuits or what-have-you. But that doesn't mean the pouch has to have a serious design, does it?

And so I give you...the Sensible Survival Kit...

And we also have the coin purse dedicated to your very sensible and restrained spending (there's a recession on, don't-you-know), in prussian blue...

I'm also pleased to announce the return of Mr Squirrel. He was quite a popular fellow back in 2009, having appeared on 4 (very) limited edition wristlets/pouches.

Those were applique design ones (in other words, I cut out the pieces to my own pattern in felt and stitched them onto a cotton base) but applique takes quite a lot of time, and I knew I wanted to offer something similar but at a lower price point. And at last, here it is! It's a screenprinted version, without the acorn, minus the wrist strap and the dimensions are a little different. But it's still a good size for all your squirrelling needs!

The new 'Sensible' range is a collaboration with my good friend Debbie Greenaway, who has done the screenprinting of these designs for me. They went from my brain, to my pen and paper, to the scanner, to Debbie's computer, to her magic screenprinting apparatus, and back to me printed on lovely calico sent by the good old Royal Mail. I did the sewing, but Debbie deserves a lot of credit for getting the printing so nice and the colours just as I wanted (with only my descriptions via messenger to guide her) Please do check out her blog here

The new Sensible range things are popping up in my Etsy shop Scatterbox Originals as and when I have them ready for watch that space! :)

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