Saturday, 31 December 2011

Walking backwards - on the brink of 2012.

Hello hello, I hope you all had a lovely festive period, whatever you celebrate.

A year in which some things happened ...and failed to happen sometimes about to end. I'm writing this post in the last hours of 2011, fireworks going off outside (a little prematurely?) and the occasional sound of a 'merry' person shouting in the street. I'm about to change into my pyjamas and watch a film, after a long 3 days in the Day Job, rather than partying tonight (I'm too tired, too shy, too broke...)

It's that funny looking-forward / looking-back time of year, isn't it? I heard somewhere recently (probably on QI) that a different culture to mine considers the future to be 'behind' you, because it cannot be seen (whereas the western metaphor tends to be the past being behind you because you've already moved through it) I think about this; the future behind me, the past stretching out before me with its landscape of memories, successes, failures, disappointments and joys. As I step both forwards and backwards into 2012...I get a little dizzy!

I'm approaching 2012 with a strange blend of optimism, pessimism, hopefulness, worriedness and thoughtfulness. 2012 has been hanging around in my mind as a year for Big Things, not least because it's the year my age will get a big round zero at the end of it. I want to get back on track with my career, figure out what to do, where to live, how to survive. I'm thinking I might get back into painting more. I have some ideas for the Etsy and Folksy shops (see links on the right) that I mean to try out. But the financial situation puts pressure on these things, and I think 2012 may be make-or-break time for my self employment. To be totally honest, I'm pretty nervous.

So, kind blog readers, I have decided to make a special offer for you (and also for my followers on Twitter). If you would like to buy from me and so help give me a good boost into 2012, (boosting funds for the business as well as helping me move towards paying myself a modest pay packet before the end of the tax year in April, and perhaps more importantly boosting my confidence for the coming year of work) then here is a little code you can enter into checkout on Etsy from either JumpUp or scatterboxoriginals, which will give you free shipping on any order - I will keep this valid until the end of Twelfth Night (EDIT due to some variation in how people figure these things out, I'm going to make that Friday afternoon (UK time) that the offer ends) What you do is put what you want into your cart on Etsy from either of my shops (JumpUp or Scatterboxoriginals). Then in your 'cart' page, there's an underlined bit on the right saying 'enter coupon code' - click that and write in capital letters the following word:


And that should make your shipping (or P&P as we Brits like to call it) totally free to anywhere in the world. So please, dear blog readers, dear fans of JumpUp and Scatterbox Originals, dear random people who stumbled across my blog looking for a recipe for treacle toffee*, do feel free to treat yourselves to something I have made, and in turn help to make 2012 my good year.

Oh and here, these are some videos I took on the train journey home from my Christmas visitings. Very aptly, they are of travelling backwards (my seat faced the rear of the train)


*(sorry! I seem to be more google-able for that than for 'nice people who sell their handmade items' so one resolution for next year is to actually try making some treacle toffee and blogging about it)

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