Friday, 9 December 2011

Oh, Make Me Over...

On the advice of a kind critique giver on the Etsy forums, I have had a really good go at re-doing all my photos for JumpUp with the lighter backdrop. It took some courage to go onto the Etsy forums and ask for help, (even though it wasn't the first time I've done so) but I think I've taken on board what was said and I'm pretty happy with the new pictures.

This one, for instance:

I think it captures the colours so much better and also the texture of my embroidery. I'd really liked the blackboard backdrop because it meant I could doodle something for each item and keep a consistent look but a bit of variety as well. But I discovered that the blackboard was the reason why my photos kept coming out overexposed on the light coloured areas - something to do with how camera light metering works.

I've got around the loss of my doodle-able background by sticking cut-outs onto the board here - I'm starting with clouds, though I think I might try out some other shapes in future. A little house, some stars or little paper hearts maybe?

Please do click on the images if you'd like to see the listings pages!

Just to let you know, I'm going to be putting my shop onto vacation mode for the Christmas period - starting on the 17th December I think. This means my listings won't be viewable on Etsy during that time via my shop homepage, but if you click on a direct link (eg in a treasury or in your favourites list - or indeed the pictures in this blog which I usually link directly to their listing pages) then you will still be able to look at that item and have a browse.

Oh, and a note on last posting dates...the official last Christmas posting date for the USA, Canada and Eastern Europe is today* (Friday December the 9th 2011) - I'll be happy to continue sending orders to those destinations after today, but please note that I can't assure you of delivery in time for Christmas after today. If there are any extreme weather conditions where you live (for example my lovely kins-people of Scotland) then I recommend allowing as much time as possible for your order to arrive, in case transport links are effected.

I have more details on my last delivery dates in my shop homepage announcement.

*(this of course means it is a little too late now to order in time for the first days of Hannukah, if you celebrate that holiday and live in north America or eastern Europe)

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