Monday, 12 December 2011

The Glamorous Life of a Crafter

Today featured:
* Rain and coldness
* Photographing another El Bandido cat burglar purse for Scatterbox Originals
* Photographing another recycled wool purse for JumpUp
* Editing the photos
* Listing the purses
* Realising the colours were a bit off. Editing again. And again.

 * Procrastinating over my Etsy shop stats. I like how the graphs make patterns like a little landscape. (this screenshot is from a while ago, as you can see...)

Or in some cases, a little gnome...oh, please tell me you can see a gnome here...maybe it's just me...he's peeking up...(there's little green eyes from the markers Etsy puts when you've listed or renewed an item in your shop or shared a link on Twitter)

 * A trip to the post office to mail a couple of sales from the weekend (poor post office workers, the computer system had gone offline repeatedly - a national thing apparently - for some reason, and it was a busy day for them with so many people rushing to get their Christmas cards and gifts mailed off...the assistant was still pleasant to me though. Generally, the staff at Falmouth post office are nice)
* A trip to the shops to buy myself some warm socks and clothes, as it appears I didn't quite have enough yet.
* A trip to the metro supermarket to buy food to last me until my Christmas break.
* A trip back to the clothes shop because they'd forgotten to give me back my reloadable gift card (I could write a whole rant of a post on here about how shops have all gone onto these plastic cards which are meant to be reusable but which most people seem to throw away, or not get back from the shop once they've used their balance...grmph!)

And then...walking home in the rain, my arms laden down with shopping, feeling soggy, putting my fan heater on (because the central heating is only on here for an hour in the evening...brr...) and then a cup of tea, my satchel unceremoniously flung on the floor...the new socks put on over my tights...slippers on...and a dvd (All Dogs Go To Heaven...classic!) and some sewing. This is how glam I am, are you ready for it?

So on my very glamorous lap you can see a new type of cotton pouch I'm trying out for JumpUp, and by my side you can see some little fabric embroidered badges that are another new idea. I hope you will all like them when they are complete!