Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A triangular kind of day

Yesterday evening I was working on some new mountain brooches. It got dark early, so I worked by the light of my lamp. It's only an energy saving bulb (I say 'only' - some people think that energy saving bulbs are too dim but I like the softness of them), but it gives off a lovely glow inside the lampshade I think. Here's a couple of snapshots of my work station. Note the all important set-up of sofa, radiator and glamorous roll of toilet paper for if I get a runny nose.

You may notice a cardboard triangle there on my little table. It's the end of a Toblerone tube - I've been naughtily snacking on Toblerone lately and only realised half way through sewing the mountain brooches that there's a bit of a triangular theme going on here! Even my lamp is bordering on being triangular.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry. I'm on the hunt for a good (cheapish) new digital camera as I think my old Olympus has lost the ability to focus. I may have dropped it a couple of times...ahem.

Here on the table you can see:
* My tape measure
* My red kitchen timer (I use the 'pomodoro' method where you work solidly for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break, then another 25 minutes and so on)
* New mountain brooches! Note that they're a little different to my first batch, with the stitching running vertically. You can't see in this picture, but the wool base is two shades, with a lighter grey at the top cut to an angle from the stripe that was on the jumper's sleeve. It's a different wool to the one in the other mountain brooches.
* White wool yarn skein
* Grey thread for sewing brooches up
* My amazing Fiskars scissors specially for fabric (rather sharp)
* End of a Toblerone tube. I am considering using it as a template for some smaller triangle brooches.
* Wool jumper (sorry, that would be 'sweater' in American English) that I'm using for the brooches (the last owner shrank it in the wash) It has a little bit of nylon in it, but you can't really tell.
* Scraps of the aforementioned jumper for sandwiching inside the brooches to pad them out
* My notepad. Perhaps I'm the only one that does this, but I work out how much each item I make costs in materials, for reference when I do my stocktake (which again, some handmade sellers might not bother doing) where I calculate how much the value of all my stock and materials are. I do this in April for the benefit of those lovely people at the HMRC tax office. The biggest cost in making these brooches is going to be the time spent. Making, photographing and listing this batch will probably equate to a full working day.
* My chenille needles - these are sharp needles with big eyes. They are essential for sewing thick yarn embroideries - I am so glad I discovered them!

Anyway, I hope you folks enjoyed a little peek into the very glamorous JumpUp studio! I wish I had one of those lovely bright, insanely tidy flats you see featured on Apartment Therapy and such. Maybe if I got rid of the toilet roll?

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