Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chase the dark away

Tonight, I went to see Truro City of Lights. For those not in the know, this is a parade of paper lanterns. Really elaborate lanterns in the shape of animals, as well as some smaller simpler ones. It's held annually in Truro, which is the nearest city to where I live. By most people's standards, it's not really a city but a moderately sized town. But going to this parade I realised just how many people there are in and around Truro. The streets were packed (and we apparently went to 'the quiet bit')

As I said in my previous post, my camera is dying. I couldn't take as good pictures as I'd like to, they were really very fuzzy and blurred (partly due to it being after dark and me not having the steadiest hands but I'm sure an element of it was the loss of focussing ability in my camera) The peacock pictured above had a tail that fanned open and closed - it was spectacular.

Anyway, I did at least succeed in taking a couple of short videos of the parade.

You can see some lanterns made by schoolchildren - they were pretty impressive, I think they were jumping fish in the first video but there were quite a lot of penguins too tonight - and also a larger lantern which had fairy lights (or something like that) inside rather than a candle. I have to admit, my favourites were the larger lanterns with the fairy lights inside - I think because these lit up the paper more than the natural light of the candles, and showed off the beautiful work the makers had done with the structure of the lanterns.

And there's also the fact that they MOVED! My friend John compared it to the stage show of Northern Lights, which deplorably I hadn't even heard about until today (oh how I want to see that!)

There was a very effective portion of the parade with people dressed in black playing eerie music, led in front by someone dressed as a sort of raven - or possibly it was meant to be a Cornish Chough, which is the county's symbolic bird and I believe extinct or no longer in the area.

Supposedly the parade kicks off the late night shopping/Christmas shopping season in the city. I'm hoping all the small independent businesses do well this year.

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