Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Sorry, sorry, the title was inevitable. I've had the song in my head whilst sewing these new mountain brooches for JumpUp. They are made from wool salvaged from a jumper that had been used and abused by its previous owner and then callously thrown into a boil wash. When you wash wool too hot, it shrinks. This jumper didn't shrink as much as a fully wool one would have - it had 20% nylon in it which seems to be the case increasingly these days (supposedly for durability).

I mentioned the making of these in an earlier post (about three posts down from here).

I was going to have a rule of only using pure wool things to upcycle, but
a) the jumper had the most gorgeous grey marl flecked with blue
b) I didn't notice at first that it had nylon in it
and c) I realised that salvaging synthetic materials is actually more eco friendly as they won't biodegrade in the way that wool would if it ended up in landfill. 

For scale, I took a little self-portrait (um, minus my face) shot of the brooch on my lovely red jumper.

OH! And I took these photos with my new camera. It came yesterday. I think it's pretty good, what do you think? - I had a few rubbish photos from it but I'm still getting to grips with all the settings and bells and whistles so to speak.

The brooches are available in my shop on now.

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