Monday, 10 October 2011

Advice to sink in slowly

Here I am, putting on my "Illustrator hat" to share a bit of news with you. A few years ago I created an image for the wonderful Advice To Sink In Slowly project - graduates submit poster designs with a theme of advice for those beginning a course at university. The aim of the project is to give free advice posters to as many first year students as possible, and it is all funded by the sale of posters and sponsored items (Howies, the clothing brand, have kindly sponsored a special edition poster and T-shirt design by Lizzy Stewart)
You can see my poster design "It Will Be Worth It" on the Guardian website here!

Anyone can help support the project by buying a poster - designs available to buy at the moment are on the ATSIS website.
My poster isn't available to buy at the moment but you can see a larger version of it on the website.

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