Monday, 4 July 2011

Life, still.

I spent most of today doing housework. I'd let the chores pile up a bit and the mess was starting to get really oppressive, so I tackled my bathroom and bedroom. Part way between cleaning the sink and turning my mattress over, I stopped and made this sort of still life kind of thing.

It's a lightweight wooden thing that was given away free by a gift shop (it had been packaging a customer didn't want or something...I got two of them), which I stuck to the wall with blu-tack; some pebbles from various beaches, shells from Ireland (one looks like a wing up close), the four-leaf clover given to me by a friend of my parents, and the ampersand brooch I bought from madebyanna on Etsy. To the right, I stuck a couple of interesting strips of paper leftover from when I cut up an old book to recycle the pages.


  1. Thank you Paula :) It's my little 'meditative corner'! The top bit I noticed looked like a smiling mouth and the bottom bit has elements I associate with luck and it's like my motto - positivity and a little bit of luck can get you anywhere! Just something I need to keep reminding myself of.