Thursday, 24 February 2011

It's like Gym, but not as we know it...

Did I mention that I joined the gym?
It's part of the same leisure centre as the pool that I go to, and realising that I was only a one-off registration fee away from getting gym membership included in my pool membership, I decided to go for it. To anyone who knows me very well, this may seem...unlikely, out of character...even a little bit amusing, maybe. You see, when I was in school, I was That Kid. That Kid that got picked last in PE, That Kid that could only catch a ball with her face, That Kid that almost asked someone to break her arm for her so she wouldn't have to have a PE lesson.
In short...I'm not generally sporty. But the swimming was going quite well, and I hadn't been able to go swimming every day due to the constraints of the timetable etc. Now I'd always kind of liked the idea of exercise bikes. There was one PE lesson, circa 1995 I believe, when we were allowed to use the school's small array of exercise equipment including an exercise bike. Each person in the class got about 5 minutes on each thing, as I recall. Despite not being a sporty girl, the bike was fun, felt like real exercise and had the added bonus of not throwing me off and into the air the way my actual bike as a kid had done.

A few years later we got a second hand exercise bike at home (from a neighbour I think). It sat in the attic room, and I had grand plans of using it and somehow going from weedy teenager to becoming Amazingly Fit (cue montage complete with Aretha Franklin) but it was a rusty old bike and it made a terrible squeaking noise through the wasn't long before I gave up on it.
The exercise bike idea remained appealing (I think mainly due to the being indoors, and being able to watch tv whilst exercising) but the thought of joining a gym always terrified me. Somehow the thought of having an induction with a super-fit gym employee always cast my mind back to the horrors of PE lessons, the humiliation of being a clumsy, borderline dyspraxic kid getting scornful looks and terse comments from PE teachers, their patience stretched to maximum. The thought of communal changing rooms almost broke me out in a cold sweat. I had sworn 'never again'.
Fast forward to early January this year, and having regained quite a lot of the weight I'd lost the previous year, over the Christmas period, I was determined to keep up the exercise to get me feeling healthier.
So I bit the bullet and joined the gym...and you know what? The instructor was kind and helpful. None of the gym regulars pointed and laughed at me. Even when I almost slid off the treadmill backwards! It was like PE, only without the feeling of humiliation. What a revelation! I've even found ways of dealing with the communal changing room (namely, go when its quiet, or get changed in the toilet cubicle)
And you know what, even when I'm shattered from an hour of exercising (not to mention the walk to and from the gym), I still feel like doing work. It's actually helping to motivate me. I'm making progress with a few ideas...can't wait to show you once everything is done!


I don't quite have anything new of my own to show you kind folks yet as I have several projects on the go at once, but hopefully I'll have an update for you soon.
The exercise-themed finds featured in this post are all from UK sellers on Etsy, found courtesy of Etsy's new item-location search option.

Anyway, now on to some more cutting out bits of paper...hup two three four...

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  1. Well done for persisting, Cat! Great items that you have found on etsy to illustrate your post with, too. I'm looking forward to seeing your new items.