Saturday, 1 January 2011

Resolutions resolved

Happy New Year!
I can barely believe it's 2011 already. Christmas always seem to fly by when it finally arrives. Thankfully the snow let up enough for me to get to see my family for Christmas, and there was just enough lying on the ground for me to feel like I was arriving in Christmas Land as my train travelled further north, the whiteness in the landscape increasing. I took a few photos through the train window - I love trying to capture those perfect moments of composition, those temporary scenes you only see while travelling. It's hard to capture the compositions before they fly by, but I'm pleased with these ones:

Anyway, it's time for the annual new year's resolutions post (a tradition dating back to, oh, two thousand and ten...) Last year I resolved to go for a walk every day, take a step towards moving into a nicer home, to eat more healthily and to be braver.
I didn't keep up the daily walks, unfortunately - illness and procrastination eventually chipped away at that until the daily walks became more like weekly walks. BUT, I did get fitter, increasing my walks to about 5 miles at a time, without much struggle.
Resolution number two is officially achieved - I am now in a nicer, bigger place. I love my new flat (aside from those little annoying things that come with pretty much any home)
Am I eating more healthily...hmm, hard to say. I've lost weight, so that's something (although I regained about a third of the 16lbs that I lost over one week of lazy snacking at my sister's house over Christmas!) I think that resolution is semi-achieved.
Am I braver? Hmm I knew this would be a toughie because it's vague, but I think I'm slowly getting braver at making choices in what I want to do...

Which brings me to 2011. This year, I resolve...
1) To keep up my swimming and make the most out of it, hopefully with a view to increasing my fitness as well as losing my holiday weight, if not a little more. I think a target of at least three swims a week is reasonable.
2) Work some more on my Illustration portfolio until I have 20 strong images (it's what I did my degree in, after all, and I let that fizzle out on the backburner these past few years which I have been regretting)
3) Put more energy into my JumpUp shop - I'm really pleased to have been on Etsy's homepage twice in December and also featured in the Etsy Finds email, it has been a bit of a boost for me and I think it's a sign that JumpUp is worth working on more. I aim to make enough from JumpUp to cover my business bank account fees for the full year by the time I turn 29 in May.

So that's the plan for 2011. What's yours?


  1. The photos are beautiful! They almost look like old paintings. Hope you are able to achieve all your goals in 2011!

  2. Happy New Year to you! I'm glad you had a great Christmas with family. Sounds like reasonable resolutions, extensions on ones that you didn't feel completely satisfied with from last year. Good luck! The new work is awesome by the way.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope all is going well with you and your new shop!