Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Dance of the Blackberries

Hello you!
I know, I know, its been a while. Time appears to have been sucked into the vacuum cleaner of life and somehow I haven't posted since July. For any regular readers, I apologise for my absence...for any new readers, I apologise for starting this post with apologies!

I look outside my window today to see the sycamore tree waving about in the breeze, looking like a green, frizzy haired head-banger...the tips of those leaves are turning brown, and that isn't the only sign of autumn. Last week, on one of my Big Long Walks (I've taken to calling them that...5 miles is a long walk to me!) I found an abundance of blackberries on the coastal path.

I'd been thinking about picking blackberries for a while, having spotted many ripe ones on my walks over the past couple of weeks. But I'd been advised not to pick ones by the roadside (car fumes, you see) so I made a mental note to look for some on the coastal path, which is away from roads and has nothing but fresh sea air nearby.

I managed to collect a good fistful of berries, but I hadn't brought a container with me for them, so I had to improvise with an envelope from my handbag (carrying my junkmail around with me is not always a bad idea!) The best blackberries seem to be away from the path, higher up, where fewer animals and people have got at them...unfortunately this also means you need to stand on tiptoe and weave your hand through a maze of sharp brambles and lurking spiders to get at the fruit. There's a knack to doing this without injury, I think...

Anyway, after half an hour of foraging for the best berries, picking them from the brambles and popping them into my envelope, the occasional passer by either giving me a strange look or happily announcing that they knew what I was having for my dinner, I took my envelope of berries home for a good soaking (just to be sure they were clean)

Before I made the berries into a delicious apple and blackberry crumble, I took this short video of the berries soaking:

Aside from being an autumnal home-body and heartless blog neglector, lately I have been having a large clearout of craft supplies...I have realised I have a lot of stuff that I'm not likely to use, and because I am shifting my creative focus lately, I think it will do me good to clear out and start (fairly) afresh.

Happy September!

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  1. Good to see you back! And, I have to say, I'm happy to see a post about blackberries which says summer to me, not autumn, *ahem*, and I'm really not ready to let go of summer just quite yet.