Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Can you see the sea?

Family holiday, visiting my mum's old school friend in Brighton, circa 1989...

"I can see the seeeeeeeeeeeeea!"
"Oh yes, me too, I can see the sea!"
"I can see the seeeea...oh hang on, are you sure that's not the sky?"

It's a game our family always played, competing to be the first person to say they can see the sea (when they really can) as we drove closer to the coastline in our old red Ford Escort. We lived surrounded by land then, as my parents still do, so the sight of the sea was a once-a-year novelty.

There would often be a dispute, as one of us saw a hazy blue line on the horizon, whether what we could see was the sea, or actually part of the sky. It's especially tricky to tell on those days when the sky is almost full of cloud (oh Mr Barnes, my old geography teacher, would roll his eyes at me forgetting the names of the types of cloud) and there is just a sliver of blue sky visible on the horizon. Sometimes the sea and the sky would be almost exactly the same colour, barely distinguishable from one another.

Memories of this, as well as my walks along the local coastline now that I live near the sea, have inspired my first art embroidery for JumpUp. I used part of a gorgeously soft wool jumper for the base (poor jumper, it had stains on the front as well as a hole - obviously had been worn and loved a lot during it's life!)

I really enjoyed watching this come's been a while since I created something totally by hand (ie no sewing machine) and I have found it quite addictive, so I've already begun sewing my second embroidery, this time inspired by the hills I grew up around.

I have a friend visiting from Bristol soon, looking forward to playing the 'see the sea' game again!

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