Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hey Presto!

I am pleased to announce that my new Etsy shop, JumpUp, will be launching (finally!) tomorrow, the 1st of July 2010.

I am making recycled envelopes to mail some things in, out of unwanted sheet music...this music was rescued from the 'rag' box at my favourite charity shop after it had gone unsold in the shop for weeks. The charity gets a small amount for each book that is sold to the rag merchants, but I gave them a little extra than their usual price for the music book. I can't actually read music, but I love the look of it.
It has often bugged me that bubble mailers are hard to recycle and the eco friendly padded envelopes that you can get now are really quite heavy (adding to the cost of posting more than an envelope should!) I have folded over the edges and stitched the paper together in such a way to try avoid paper cuts for anyone handling them (I have a paper cut on my right index finger at the moment from a few days ago and ouch, why do such tiny cuts sting so much?!)
I didn't notice until I finished the first one that it said 'Presto' at the top of one sheet. Apparently, presto means 'soon' (as well as 'quickly', in the case of music) so it seems very apt!
The 1st of July also happens to be the birthday of a friend, who has been listening to me ramble on about my new Etsy shop for some time now...and who, as it happens, lives in a house full of people who can read music very well indeed (professional musicians!) so even more appropriate, perhaps.
I hope you like the new shop! I'll be adding things bit by bit, so please do take a look.

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  1. great envelope - i LOVE to make packaging for my shops - off for a look at your new etsy shop noe :o)