Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Too darn hot

For the past few days here, we have had some very sunny weather...by British standards, anyway! Summer here is unpredictable and shortlived, usually. So, when the weather warms up here, we've got to make the most of it.

This week, in between licks of homemade ice lollies - you might call them ice-pops? - and sighs of 'ohhh it's too warm' (even though it's actually only been about 22 degrees celsius here at most, this is too much heat for someone with Celtic blood and a northern upbringing!) I have been sewing. Fan pointed at me, 'hot' water bottle filled with cold water and chilled in the fridge overnight resting on my knees, I have been making progress on the new things for JumpUp and recently completed a custom order for Treacle Toffee. I have really wanted to get some more Gocco printing done for Scatterbox Originals too, but the weather is too warm for printing (the inks dry out a bit in the warm) - soon, I hope.

I'm waiting for a blackboard to come in the mail before I take my JumpUp photos. I have my heart on creating a kind of 'set' for the new shop's photos...the blackboard is going to be a backdrop, if all goes according to plan. So as yet, I still have no photos to share with you of my latest work.

Instead, I will show you a picture of my lunch from today. Me, obsessed with food?! However did you get that idea?

This was pasta salad - mayo, sweetcorn, vegetarian 'chicken' - grilled style - and some of my homegrown lettuce leaves - very soft and tender. The background is a silk scarf from a charity shop - normally this hangs over my window as a makeshift curtain, attached to the boring metal grille that my landlord presumably put there for safety reasons - today, it was taken out of the window to let the light in.

I'm trying to photograph my meals more often...partly as an artistic thing, partly to encourage myself to make more of an effort with my eating. When you're cooking for one, it's not always easy to motivate yourself to cook good meals. Also, presentation-wise...I don't know why but I think if food is laid out nicely, it's more encouraging to eat carefully and think more about what you're eating. Maybe it's just me?!


  1. Homegrown lettuce leaves - very rewarding! Lunch sounds yum and now you have made me hungry.i agree with 'food has to look good to make you want to eat it' and for me it has to have colour to it.dx.

  2. Thank you Deb! Yes, it is so rewarding to have food that I've grown myself, in my own home, from seed. In terms of low 'food miles', it feels really good!
    I have some bell peppers forming on all three of my plants now...photos sometime soon. :)