Thursday, 25 March 2010

So much to do...

After over a month of living in the land of 'destashing', trying to clear out and rejuvenate my supplies boxes, this week I have finally been getting back into just crafting again. It's been a while, so I thought you kind folks might like to see a little sneak peek on some of what's coming for Scatterbox Originals (the other shops haven't been abandoned, I will post about what's to come for Treacle Toffee and JumpUp soon as well)

I have had some interest in some more El Bandido products, namely notecards and moleskines, and this week I finally had both the time and the supplies to get started on these. El Bandido has been a popular fellow, but I'm also interested in developing other 'cat characters'. This week I made two new screens for gocco printing - a new El Bandido one because the old one has given up the ghost, and one with a new character.

Sadly, the El Bandido screen didn't develop properly - I made a misjudgement on how much carbon there was in the photocopy, which meant parts of the image didn't 'burn' completely, leaving a patchy image. I printed several notecards with the patchy screen, since the first few prints often are patchy and it was hard to tell at first that the image just wasn't going to print completely on the cardstock. The notecards I have printed are ok...but they aren't as crisp as I'd like (the edges of the lines look 'nibbled at'), So I think I will list these ones at a discount price...

Very soon, I will make another new El Bandido screen (which can be done no problem but I'll need to get a good photocopy done at the print shop in town) but my other screen luckily came out well, so I got printing...

So here is a first view of my new character, Queen Felicity. Printed in gold ink on black, blue and red notebooks. These will be available to buy in the shop soon, so watch that space!

I'm pleased with how these notebooks turned out - I think the gold ink works well. A very regal way to keep track of all those 'to do' lists, don't you think?


  1. Looks great! Love the gold!

  2. Looking fab, Cat. You know I want one already ; )

  3. I really love the not so crisp edges. I think you should say that you did it on purpose and sell them at regular price.