Thursday, 4 March 2010

Cameo appearance - and a Scatterbox giveaway!

Lately, I have been having a big clearout - a sort of 'Spring clean'. I've been selling off a lot of my older craft supplies on Ebay (check them out, UK folks!) to try to make more space, and it has felt like I haven't actually made anything in a long time! Yesterday, I took some time out from the measuring, counting, photographing and listing on Ebay, to make a start on a new batch of cameo brooches. I'm part-way through making some El Bandido, Blush Bear and Bluebird pins...

At the stage right now of cutting out the felt pieces and the cotton that I printed my artwork onto. Please ignore the errant hair among the bluebirds...I seem to be moulting, it really must be Spring!

It will be a while before these are all done, since the Great Big Clearout must be finished...but right here I have two completed Apple cameo brooches...and they're up for grabs, in my first ever Spring Has Sprung Hip Hip Hooray Giveaway!

Oh yes indeedy, one of these apple pins can be yours - free of charge, wherever you may be in the world. All you need to do is post a comment on this blog, telling me your name and your favourite tip for 'Spring Cleaning' (or tell me how messy you are if you like, make me feel better!) Once I have a fair few entries (I think I'll leave this open for entries until Wednesday March 10th, my sister's birthday as it happens! EDIT - entries are now closed) I will draw two names and tips, and post these on the blog after the closing date - the winning entries will need to contact me and provide me with their address for posting the brooch - don't worry, I will keep your details private!

These pins are roughly the same as this one here (link) - but the felt is a brighter green and the brooches are slightly smaller as I over-trimmed the felt a tad in my 'yay I'm sewing again!' fervour.

If you want to comment on this post, but don't want to enter the giveaway, let me know in the post.

EDIT TO ADD: I'm going to keep this at one entry per person, sorry I forgot to say this earlier!
I'm moderating comments on this blog so they won't show up right away. If you don't want to post your email address in the comment, that's ok, my contact details will be available in my blogger profile for the two winners.

Good luck!


  1. PG sent me over; hmmm, Spring was the impetus to clean my oven, a black hole if ever there was one.

  2. Hurrah! A giveaway! My tip for Spring Cleaning is don't wait for spring! Although it can be therapeutic to have a huge old clear-out, its much easier on your nerves if you do it little and often. Then you can see what space you really have and then fill it up with lots of lovely new things. ;)

  3. i agree with emma, a big clean out is good to get you going but then it should be a little every day. debx.

  4. Oh I'm terrible for spring cleaning, but one thing I do like to do as soon as there's some warm weather is open up all the windows and change the air in the house. Not much, but it feels fresher inside afterwards!


  5. Love the brooch! Please enter me. Here's my tip: when you dust, start from the top and work down. I didn't know this until I read it in a book. Now it makes so much sense. Now I dust and then vacuum, then open windows to let fresh air in.
    ~ Marci

  6. Spring cleaning? Ohh, I'm soo lazy:) Just doing daily things.

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

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  8. My favourite cleaning tip is putting some music on and clean when it’s nice and sunny outside. The sunny weather and a nice melody will give you some extra energy! :)

    Name: Agnes

  9. Oh I've got one. relax and enjoy the warmer weather. And you can have your kids clean for you!

  10. During February and March, I pick something each week to tackle!! I gather anything to be recycled, donated, and save. Then by the time Spring is almost here, I can get ready to garden and enjoy the spring air!

    Sweet Giveaway! Im a new follower on Google! xo

  11. My favorite cleaning tip is divide and conquer. I divide the house in 2-3 "sections" and then clean one each day. That way I'm finished fast! jajaja

    Name: Marie McGrath
    Email: lagringa_009 AT hotmail DOT com

  12. My tip for spring cleaning is to air the house out and lemon for cleaning it works good and smells good. Thanks marian

  13. I'm really messy, so I'm afraid I can't offer any tips, haha. My cleaning method is simple... pick up the phone and call Merry Maids hahaha!

    Name: Jennifer
    my email is on my google account profile if you need it

  14. Cleaning tip? I clean the sofas, bed, windows etc and do the flor last because dust would tend to trickle to the floor as i do other cleaning. Common sense... and I only got it recently. LOL..
    Yep, pls enter me in this giveaway!


  15. My tip would be to do the Inside on weekdays and spend your weekend outside cleaning up the yard. I always find that being outside on a weekend more enjoyable than being inside on a weekend.I know weather can damper this but that is what me and my wife do. Thanks for the great giveaway my wife would love the pins.

  16. cute apple pins- my tip would be to start one cleaning project at a time- don't do like me and start trying to clean in each room and not finishing one project

  17. Love the pins!- Spring cleaning... hmmm, my house is in need! But I like to take out my vent return thing and wash it with the hose!

  18. This is lovely! I don´t really have a tip because I´m a mess!!! But I do feel better when I clean up (I throw everything away!).
    I admit that my bedside table is always a crafty mess, might be origami paper, felt, wool... you name it!
    These are great I would love to have one!

  19. I have not tips for spring cleaning...I am the QUEEN of disorganization! Maybe you have some tips for me ;)
    Felicia Lorin

  20. My fave (and least fave) thing to do for Spring is try on all of my clothes and reassess. Takes tons of time, makes tons of mess, but the closet thins out beautifully.

  21. These are beautiful!!! Dont worry about being messy. I have two kids and a Husband. My house is ALWAYS a disaster!!!!

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  22. So pretty. Thanks. Tip? Do it when you can! Even little headway counts (esp. with little people around....).

  23. Lo, name's Clare. For spring cleaning, remember , always keep the windows open if it's not too cold inside, and have swiffer&magic eraser by your side! Don't breath out on the surface you are dusting, and bend your knees when lifting heavy things! Ask for help when rearranging furniture. Have a garage sale or donate any unwanted items. That's all I have for tips at the moment...

    Oh, and make sure when you are sweeping not to step on the garbage pile.

  24. This apple pin is so cute. :) Next time, please please please let me know if you're having a giveaway so I can list it on my site with enough time so that other people can see it and participate! This is the entry form link:

    Anyway.. my messiness.. is horrible. I pile so much clothes on my desk and chair and I always compile little nothings all over.. then when I get to the point where my life feels messy bc my room & closet are messy, I'll go through everything and wonder why I kept useless papers and junk, or why I have so much clothes in my room that should be washed and instead is lying all over!! Messiness sucks... I need to learn to be more organized & clean. :|