Wednesday, 10 March 2010

And the winners are...

A warm thank you to everyone who entered my recent giveaway draw - I had a wonderful response and got lots of tips on spring cleaning, from the practical (Dust from top to bottom! I'm always forgetting that one), and the sensible (Don't wait for spring!), to the sneaky (get the kids to do it!), to the sympathetic (just be messy!), to the inventive and ecological (use vinegar in place of fabric softener! That one has me intrigued...)
All comments were appreciated very much. Entrants, please scroll down the post to see if you won!

Picture I took a while after closing my skylight window after letting in lots of fresh air whilst hoovering (another good tip!) The hand-print looked a little eerie just appearing there in the evening mist...certainly until I realised it was my hand-print!

My big spring clean is going well so far. My own personal tip for spring cleaning is...when you need to clean the wire racks from inside your oven, sit them in the sink or a large tray, cover with hot water and then sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda. It loosens the grease really well, and it's much more eco friendly and economical than buying a specialist spray for the job. Bicarb does so much around the house, from neutralising odours in the fridge, to cleaning and you can of course use it as a raising agent in baking. I've recently discovered that toothpaste is really good for getting a lot of stains off those hard kitchen surfaces, and I'm convinced it's the bicarb in that that does it!

Now...for the winners of my draw...

I printed out and cut up the name of each of the 24 commenters, then put the little pieces of paper into my red beret. I held the hat tight, gave it a shake and then swirled the papers around inside with my hand for a minute or two. Then, with my eyes closed, I picked out Winner number one:
icitea (aka Clare)
and then...
Winner number two:

To those who didn't win, commiserations! Thank you for entering anyway - better luck next time...hmm, yes I think there will be a next time someday ;-)

I published all comments on the blog (aside from accidental duplicates from the same person) so any of the folks who kindly included their email addresses in their posts, you are free to delete your post now if you wish to keep that data off the blog.

I will have new cameo pin brooches available for sale at Scatterbox Originals on Etsy in the near future, so if any of you would like to 'RSS' feed my shop to see my shop's updates more easily, please click here for the page to sign up for the feed.

Thanks all!

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