Saturday, 27 February 2010

Traversing Pastyland - Drowned Cat

On Thursday, I took my camera out and after my errands in town, I went for another long walk through the town, up around Pendennis peninsula and down to Gylly beach.

It was lovely to get out in the slight drizzle, because I always find it clears the air. Especially by the water, I think the salty air and the right amount of dampness has helped my sinuses a lot (now I understand why the Victorians placed so much medicinal value in a holiday by the sea!) Before I lived by the sea, as well as my sinus problems, I used to get terrible headaches linked to atmospheric pressure when there's a storm coming. Apparently, by the sea the ions in the air are different, and less likely to cause the pressure.

It began as a pleasantly 'fresh' walk to the headland, where I took some pictures of the view...looking out at the little outpost of Pendennis Castle there, to the left as you reach the point of the peninsula (coming up from the 'docks' side). The white 'arrow' of an old sign spoils the shot a bit I think!

A bike left waiting for a ride home...I think there's a scientific law that dictates if you see a bike with a basket, artistically leaning against a physically have to take a photo of it!

...I headed down the other side of the peninsula from here, then eventually came to the long straight road that leads past the little strip called Castle Beach. Looking down at the thinning patch of sand, I saw a figure in black with a black dog, walking on the beach...I wonder if she knew how striking she looked down there, on that deary, drizzly day... a dark shape moving against the pale sand?

She probably had her mind on a hot cup of tea, like I did! On the road, I saw the cars switch on their headlights...

As you can see here, it's a long, straight stretch down to Gyllyngvase, which is just around the bend in the distance. On a clearer day, by this time there'd have been the beginnings of a striking sunset over the sea ahead to the left.

I had planned on going as far as the next beach along and then back home via the nature was not to be - by the time I got to Gylly, what had begun as a light spattering of drizzle-rain had become what we Northerners call 'Chooking it down'! The problem with wearing glasses, is that when it rains, you can't see. I had to take my glasses off to cross the road - I'm only mildly short-sighted, enough to need glasses, but I can cope without my glasses for short lengths of time as long as I don't need to see detailed signs etc.

By the time I headed up the hill to my home, my hair was soaked through, my glasses covered in raindrops, my coat soggy and a good couple of inches at the bottom of my jeans were wet through. I got home, turned on the heater, changed into my pjs and set about making a lasagne for dinner...the perfect, cosy end to my walk!

I went for another, longer walk the next day - the same route but with Swanpool beach included as the weather was much better...naturally, on this beautiful day for photos...I didn't have my camera with me! But then, photos of Cornwall in wet weather are probably more representative of what it's often like here...

If you enjoyed this little dose of armchair tourism (or should that be computer desk chair tourism?) please do take a look at the rest of the pictures I took, in my flickr album here.