Monday, 22 February 2010

Gonna go for a walk in the rain...

Last week, I was pretty lucky with my daily walks always being during a dry (or relatively dry) spell of weather. I don't mind the rain (I grew up in Lancashire, which is kind of Britain's equivalent of Seattle!) and I do love the beautiful patterns falling droplets make in puddles, hence the inspiration for these brooches:

But if I went walking in pouring rain for 2 hours, I know that would be pretty miserable. I've been thinking about saving up for some waterproof trousers, and definitely on the hunt for a good raincoat. I know just what I want - a knee length mac with a hood, in a fitted shape, ideally either blue or a nice red.

I stumbled across this video on youtube that has made me a little more eager to be out in the rain, though: here, we have the fascinating (to me, anyway!) science of water droplets. If you're not interested in science-talk, you can watch this without sound to appreciate the close-up shots (starting 20 seconds into the video)

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  1. I am a total wuss about going out the rain...but like you I don't have a decent waterproof. Possibly why I've put on a few pounds this winter!