Thursday, 25 February 2010

Birds V Butterflies

I can never decide which I like best, birds or butterflies...but I know I want ALL of these!

Butterfly necklace by gossimarwings
Butterfly mobile by zsazsa32
Bird necklace by sophiehillartist
Natural History pillow/cushion by norajane
Owl brooch by jennymccabe
Blue nest pillow/cushion by willywaw
Bird brooch by arcticcircles
Butterfly cuff by julishland
'Flight' pillow/cushion by modernradar

All available to buy direct from the makers on!


  1. that is a tough one
    but i'd have to go for butterflies right now
    maybe because of this photo
    but then again....

  2. Gorgeous photos there, Circus Charlie - are they yours?