Friday, 19 February 2010

12 virgins

Playing around on Etsy's Pounce Undiscovered tool yesterday, I found 12 great items from shops that were amazingly yet to have a sale on Etsy. In the spirit of newness that this time of year has filled me with...I present to you 12 (Etsy) virgins!

Check out the treasury list I made here
(it expires on Sunday February 21st)
These sellers are: rocketweeddesigns, JennDiggs, eloriamarie, WornTornandReborn, DayView, nintajewellery, CasaDiAries, RevolutionaryWoolens, ohsoquiet83, alicesbeads, thesoapaddict and JaninaGrigore


  1. Thank you for adding me to the list of 12 Virgins :) Btw. I love the earrings by nintajewellery

  2. Your post title made me chuckle. :o) Great picks though, those slippers look so cosy!

  3. Thanks! I like using the Pounce tool to find new Etsy sellers. There is so much talent out there!