Tuesday, 5 January 2010


A belated Happy New Year!

I am now back from my Christmas hiatus in the (very) cold north-west of England, where there was much snow in my parents' village. The 'rec' (recreation ground), just at the top of our street had a good 8 inches of snow on top of the grass:

The walled graveyard at the top of the rec gained a strange kind of fairytale feel with the dusting of icing-sugar-like snow on top of the tombstones.

For a couple of days, we didn't get out of the house at all (much to my regret) but stayed inside instead, drinking tea and eating chocolate-gingerbread macaroons. Oh, torture! But I did try to get out for a walk a couple of times - the first time I took these photos (which I think was maybe three days or so before Christmas) and the second time, I went for a short walk and built a snowman that looked like a Moomin - a 'Snoomin'! Photo here by Mum. (If you don't remember the Moomins, you can find clips on Youtube and marvel at my...ahem...accuracy...)

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to get out of the next year; how I'd like things to stand 365 days from now.
I always find resolutions difficult...because I always want to achieve so much and yet there's that fear of demanding too much from myself, finding it too daunting and ultimately not achieving anything much! (this has happened in the past)
This year I am trying to strike a balance between what's achievable and stretching myself, and since I have a tendency to forget my resolutions after a whole year has gone by, I am going to put them here, for posterity.
I resolve:
1) To get outside of the house and go for a walk, even if it's just a short one, every single day (unless I am incapacitated - ie broken leg etc) This is to help me exercise and get some daylight every day. So far, I have managed this.
2) To make enough money that I can move out of my small place and get a bigger (but probably still relatively small...) place.
3) To eat more healthily. Last year I gave up chocolate, cakes and biscuits for lent but then quickly lapsed back into eating unhealthy amounts of sugary food. I want to cut back again on these kinds of things and get more proper, healthy foods into me instead.
4) To be braver. This is kind of a vague one and as such may be harder to achieve really, but I know that I want to overcome at least some of my fearful tendencies and do more of the things in life that I want to. This covers trying out new ideas for products as well as more personal things, like travel.

In terms of the handmade ventures of mine, I have a lot of ideas. Some in the past have not made it further than my sketch pages, some have been made and then rejected by me in a fit of self-criticism...some have made it all the way to the Etsy shops and beyond, into the hands of new owners. Much as the creative process can be a struggle at times, it's that that makes it worth it I think - knowing that someone else appreciates what's come from my head.

This year, I think my focus might shift a little...hopefully in a good way! And so, on with the new year...


  1. Seriously gorgeous photos. I bet you could sell those too:) I posted a similar blurb last week pretty much saying the same as you in terms of business...the bravery thing. I got a few comments from people dittoing the feeling. I don't think it's unusual for us artsy types to put ourselves out there and then take it back all in the same. Here's to a brave new year!

  2. What a very interesting-looking graveyard! I hope you have a great new year and that you stick to your resolutions to your satisfaction. :o)