Saturday, 14 November 2009

Such a cold finger...

Today, I saw yet another mention of how Etsy tends to feature a lot of fingerless gloves and wristwarmers. They certainly are in vogue! Much as I like these inventions, it got me wondering if there are many nice fully-fingered handmade gloves on Etsy, for those of us in colder climes that really need warm fingers in the winter months. After much searching and much rummaging through mistagged items, I think I found some real gems:

Featured here are gloves and mittens by:
cholosoy, artycousinjenny, dollyknits, woolyrosie
montyandmarwood, knitwhimsies, plainjanecollection, thejoyofcrochet
verabelle, flowerpot, ingucite, maisondelucille
kukaramba, petitekrottcreations, thesittingtree, goldenhind


  1. Thanks for doing all the leg work on fingered-glove finding for us!

  2. Nice gloves! I'm just putting some of the fingerless mittens I made AGES ago up on my Etsy shop.

    The peanut butter cookies are here:

  3. Right on! I love the paart about some of us from colder climes because, ya, sometimes fingerless gloves look cute and trendy, but not so much with shaking, frostbit fingers sticking out!

  4. Silver Sisters - yep, the "frostbite" look isn't so good. Maybe they're called fingerless gloves for a reason?!

    Elephunk - my pleasure!

    Emm@ - thank you for the recipe link (going to bookmark that peanut butter cookies EVER!)

  5. Hey there - thanks so much for featuring my gloves, I'm incredibly honoured to be there alongside so much really amazing work! Everyone asks for gloves with fingers, but when you make them, they can't find them and they don't sell so any exposure is great :o)