Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Recently I have been suffering from a cold that decided to settle in my head and throat, and I have found myself very sluggish. Lots of hot drinks and huge bowls of home made soup, drunk with my slippers on, tucked up in bed. This is the reason for my recent quietness, blog-wise.

Yesterday, though, I managed to muster the energy to tidy up a little. I sorted out the recycling, hung up the jumpers that were hung on the back of my chair, changed the bed sheet and duvet cover, hoovered and cleaned the bathroom sink. I felt so much better for it, as I knew I would.

Later, I got back under the covers, popped on the telly. A cheesy Mel Gibson rom-com was on, one I've seen before - I find it easier to be creative when there's some background noise and this film was just familiar enough to stop me from getting too distracted from my work whilst being just entertaining enough to keep me sitting still. I stitched away with my bedside lamp on, the sky outside pitch black already.

I made something I've had in my head for some time, that I kept putting off making in the past. I find I do this with new ideas, I get excited about them and then feel afraid to go ahead with them in case they turn out to disappoint. Now I've finally gone and taken the plunge - and I am pleased to say the end result wasn't far off the idea in my head. Here it is...

The Astronomy pendant - number one (of hopefully several). Inspired by pictures of galaxies from afar and textbook astronomical diagrams. Made with layered pieces of silk in deep, midnight blue and one small white piece in the middle.


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