Friday, 2 October 2009

Bad things happen / Good things happen

For the past couple of weeks, I have been forced to shift my focus temporarily away from making handmade goodies. The shift in focus was thanks to various dramas which you can read about in depth on my other blog and in the post below.

It has been an emotionally exhausting time, but now things are mainly resolved, I think I'm getting my handmade groove back. Today, I printed out some new business cards that I designed a while ago:
I have done some in a couple of different colours and I think they're pretty effective, plus printing them at home saves me money so I can save more towards delicious new fabrics. I'm working on coordinating my packaging with these...plans for some nice rubber stamps for decorating the gift boxes and some stickers too. The stickers will be for holding down the tissue paper I put around purses etc and holding gift boxes closed (so much nicer than cellotape, and a bit more eco-friendly)

In the midst of all the stress over the past two weeks or so, I've tried to keep reminding myself of good things in life. It's tough I think, when things go wrong and especially when there is a constant backdrop of financial difficulty (which I think everyone can relate to right now), not to feel gloomy and embittered. So, without wishing to seem overly Pollyanna-esque, here is my Happy Thing of the Week:

Visiting St Ives with my parents recently, we were lucky enough to witness two seals swimming in the sea not far from one of the little coves. We watched them for quite a while, trying to capture a decent photo of their heads whenever they surfaced for air. They seemed so peaceful and at ease. Every time we thought they'd swum away, I'd turn my camera off and like magic they would re-appear.

Here are the pictures I managed to get...I think you can just about make them out, about half way up the picture (click for larger versions).

I also took a few pictures of the sea from up on the cliff. It was an unusually warm late-September day, and the sea was the most stunning colour. So St Ives and seals have fortified me for a while, at least. What keeps your spirits up in these troubled times?


  1. At least if bad things happen in threes your bad luck has run out and it can only get better from here! I've had my spout of rough health troubles over the last few years and find nothing makes me feel better than a hot cup of tea and some time with nature. Mind you I'm increasingly drawn to the quick fix of retail therapy (but that isn't always as practical).

    In other news, I absolutely love your cards! Very aesthetically pleasing. Branding and packaging are one of my favourite things about the crafty business. Great job!

  2. Really sorry to read about all the *stuff* which happened; hope you can put it all behind you, and get on with things. You seem to have made a new friend thgrough it though, and your new business card is lovely.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments, folks. Hot tea definitely helps with most things :-)