Monday, 14 September 2009

Oh for Ochre...

I go through phases with colours that I'm drawn to. Lately, it's yellow ochre and similarly autumnal colours. Saffron...mustard...burnt orange. I recently got a gorgeous mustard-gold, small square suitcase from work at a bargain price. I've been needing a sturdier travel case than my hold-all, and this one is lockable and has a comfortable strap. It also goes very well with my saffron belt and yellow cardigans I think (is two cardigans of the same colour too many? They were charity shop bargains too so it's all for a good cause).
It's evidently quite old, though how old I'm not sure. The rounded corners have a kind of seventies/early eighties look I think, but maybe it's older than that? In any case, I'm looking forward to using it on my next travels.

At the moment, I'm waiting on some yellow ochre fabric to become available from my fair trade supplier. It will hopefully be available soon and once I can get it, I can start making golden yellow versions of my feathers cushion and tote bags. But having saved up a little money for fabric, I unfortunately have to wait longer still...

Recently, my bank account was targeted by a fraudster. I discovered the fraudulent purchase (a mobile phone top up for a company I don't have a phone with) late on a Friday afternoon and, not being able to find the right phone number to call and fix the situation, I had to put on my nearest pair of shoes, run a brush through my hair and dash down the hill to the bank before closing time.

Once I got there, I was passed from a polite, if clueless, cashier, to a service phone where I was put on hold for ten minutes before being told I had pressed the wrong department button and then having to wait on hold another five minutes, all the while my heart thumping and up-beat and erratic jazz playing on the phone (is that really a wise choice for your fraud department?).

I began to consider changing to a new bank. Then I was finally connected and given yet another series of 'options'...all in Bank-speak ("if your card has an R4 4...") - none of which made sense to me. Exasperated, I hung up on the automated service and sought out an advisor.

After begging for assistance from someone in person, she kindly set aside her end of day paperwork and phoned through for help for me, staying on hold past closing time. The bank emptied, the latch was put on the door, and still the advisor sat with me and arranged with the call centre to send me the relevant paperwork to get my money back etc.

It will take time for me to be able to reclaim the little money I had that they have squandered - it appears my bank's system for dealing with such things is absurdly convoluted. It's a horrible feeling, to know that someone out there has done such a thing so easily and putting it right is so hard.

Though I'm fairly confident now that I've calmed down from the panicked visit to my bank, that I will indeed be able to get my money back and in time to pay my bank fees etc, it's still a stressful situation to be in. Still, I'm lucky, in a weird way, that I didn't have much money for the scoundrel (my polite word for it...) to steal!

In any case, the lovely ochre fabric will have to wait a while. In the meantime, I shall content myself with looking at lovely things on Etsy. Here's a snapshot of a treasury list I made recently, complete with alternates:

Top row: TickledPinkKnits, hitree, NannasKnitting, grimm
Second row: uncommon, thejunebride, sleeks, InmostLight
Third row: prettygoodthings, underabluesky, peaseblossomstudio, greenchairpress
Fourth row: margotbianca, linkeldesigns, JillPopowichDesigns, DuetPhotography

Click on the image to see a bigger version. Each shop name above is linked to the relevant Etsy shop. :-)

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