Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fields of Gold

It's that time of year now, when my mind is turning to thoughts of autumn, which is quite possibly my favourite season. You can tell when autumn is just around the corner here, by the following signs:

1. I start looking longingly at knee high boots. I had a lovely pair from Clarks that lasted me five winters of almost daily use before giving up the ghost, and I now find myself bootless and brooding for some new ones.
2. I start thinking about making apple crumble. I was going to do a blog post about my recipe for apple crumble, having purchased two of the biggest Bramley apples you ever saw, but then I remembered another thing I've been meaning to make but never yet attempted - Tarte Tatin. So if I summon the courage (and the ingredients!) to make that, I'll try and post instructions and piccies here. I have a feeling there will be cinnamon...
3. I get obsessed with making harvest themed items. This week I have made these:

A couple of weeks ago, thinking prematurely of the end of summer and hearing Eva Cassidy in my mind's ear, I made a Fields of Gold treasury list.

Having been lucky enough to nab one whilst having a fully formed one in Poster Sketch (how I love that tool!) I merrily filled up my new treasury list in the space of a minute. Choosing which things to put in the alternates section is tough, I think during the course of the treasury being up on Etsy I must have switched and changed the items around half a dozen times! I included my own barley themed item in the 'alternates' just to see how it would look up next to my favourite items...I think it sat quite nicely.

Click on the image to see names and details. :)

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