Monday, 20 July 2009

Golden and Green leafy clutch - Part 2

I had the very best of intentions to take photos at regular intervals as I continued making this clutch. I really did. But...well, I got carried away with the excitement and momentum and didn't manage another picture until the clutch was basically complete. Here it is:

Making something for the first time always takes a little longer, I find, as you work your way through and familiarize yourself with a new process. For a first ever attempt at a clutch purse using a purse frame, I think this looks pretty smart :-)

Small things I will do differently next time are to make sure I put the purse into the frame with the little loops (for attaching a chain or strap) at the back, rather than the front as they are here (can you see them?) - I think this is important in terms of having a bag on your shoulder with only one side want the pattern facing out but then you also want to keep the strap on your shoulder when you reach in to get your pocket mirror/lipbalm/tissues etc out. Silly me for not realising this at the time...blame it on the giddy rush of a new craft project almost completed!

Secondly the stitching on the leaf shapes, which I think worked well, unfortunately took quite a long time - about 2 hours or so, since I did it all by hand. I've made something similar since this, using my sewing machine for the lines running through the shapes, and I think it looks just as good and took me less time to do. The tricky part is making sure the stitching goes in a straight line, without marking the fabric permanently. This time I did it by scoring lightly down each shape with the tip of a needle against a ruler.

More textile treats coming soon!


  1. I am the least pursey/handbag person on the planet, but that is really lovely Cat!

  2. i think it looks amazing cat. the colours you picked look so nice. dx.