Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Feathery feathery

In my last post, I mentioned making another item with a similar pattern to the golden and green leafy clutch...this was no other than the pillow/cushion I sketched way back in April as seen in this image. My original idea was to use a pale buttery yellow background and golden and ochre appliqué but since I don't have the right colour for the background just yet, I decided to use some of the lovely organic cotton I bought in May.

I re-worked the layout a little from my clutch, because I wanted to make a certain shape on the cushion that would look 'right' whichever way up you had it. It's nice to have a cushion you can just throw onto your sofa or favourite armchair and not worry about which way is up.

Getting the shapes in just the right position took some time. In the end I devised a simple way of doing it that meant I didn't have to constantly be measuring and marking. Each silk shape here is fused onto the cotton but some edges came loose due to patchy bondaweb...I quite like the effect though and the shapes are all on securely due to the line of stitching down each middle.

I have filled this with my last feather cushion insert, so I will call it a feather pillow anyway...but I also think of this pattern of shapes as being inspired by feathers...even though it is using the same shape as the 'leafy' clutch.

I guess it's the difference in colour that makes the difference between leaf and feather. Some screens may show the cushion to be a darker colour than it is - it's what I think of as 'dove grey'. The silk I've used here is the same dupion silk I used in my Shoal jewellery - I love how it shimmers in the light and the hues shift slightly.

This will be up in the shop soon, and if it proves popular I may try out some other colour-ways.