Friday, 12 June 2009

Work in progress - Golden and Green leafy clutch

This is how I've been developing the appliqué pattern for my first clutch purse. After sketching out possible layouts (which you can see in this earlier post's image) I then drew lots of possible 'leaf'/'feather' shapes out on graph paper...

Using graph paper helps me to keep my designs symmetrical when I want them to be. In this case I drew half of the shape I wanted, then cut it out, drew around the half, then flipped it over and drew around it again next to the first half, to give me a shape. I tried out lots of different sizes and shapes before I settled on these ones, which I then drew out again on card, for a more durable template...

I decided to make different sizes of the same shape, so I could use the same pattern on different-sized products. In the end I also adapted one shape to make another size (I drew around the shape and then trimmed off an even amount all around) to give me 5 different sizes to use on various sized coin purses, clutches, and possibly bags and pillow covers in the future.

Then I used the shape templates to cut out my silk pieces in two colours and spent time figuring out just how I wanted them arranged.

After about an hour of fiddling with the layout, I took the plunge and fixed all the shapes down with fusible webbing. Eeep! It was kinda scary, committing to a design layout after all that planning, but I think it went pretty well - certainly for a first go. One or two silk pieces didn't quite fix on precisely where I wanted them to (I think it's something that will come with practice and learning how to ensure things are in place whilst also hidden under a protective tea towel!) but all in all it's looking pretty much how I envisioned it.

There will be more photos later as I progress through making this...wish me luck!


  1. Golly, I am dumbstruck with admiration - I am hopeless at anything involving patterns, let alone making them myself, you are clever and it looks as it it is coming together beautifully.

  2. Thank you, that's very kind :-)

  3. It's gonna be stunning! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Really interesting to see your work in progress, thanks for showing us!
    The layering effect reminds me of feathers.

  5. Looks fab so far! 'Looking forward to seeing finished : )