Friday, 3 April 2009

And it was all yellow...

It started with fresh spring daffodils

Which then led on to daisy inspired bracelets...

Which led on to buying a new cardigan in buttery saffron yellow...

Which led onto a lot of new ideas for the shop. Click on the image to see a bigger version if you can't make out my annotations and doodlings. There have been a lot of ideas lately...I'm quite determined to have these ones done by the summer.

You may notice the cushion/pillow cover design...housewares have been on the agenda pretty much from the get go and for various reasons delayed and generally ummed and ahhed about. Now, I've decided on a UK supplier for nice cotton that has the added bonus of being both organic and fairtrade! I still haven't found a similarly ethical source for silk, unfortunately.

I'm planning on gradually increasing the proportion of my product materials that are as eco friendly and ethical as possible. It is going to take time - naturally, these kinds of supplies always come at a higher price, which means a greater risk of investment and also makes it harder to stockpile a lot of fabric at once - but it is important to me, so I'm going to persevere. :-)

Have a mellow weekend, folks!

Hello, Doily

Loving this trend...

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