Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Grey is the new grey

Earlier this week, for the first time in a few years I think, Falmouth got snow. We very rarely get snow (I've heard it's to do with the seaside having salty air) and normally when we do it doesn't settle on the ground. This was bona fide snow.

This was the scene from my skylight window, which I had to open to see the snow falling as when closed, it looked like this:

And then it quickly looked like this:

Before being covered over completely.

The snow didn't stay around for long, but the cold certainly has. What with the sudden drop in temperature, ( and the meteorological knowledge of a groundhog in Pennsylvania ) I have decided to keep the scarves up in the shop for a little longer, but not to make any more until later in the year (at least not heavyweight ones) unless I get a request.

While thinking wintry thoughts, I decided to have a play with Etsy's Poster Sketch tool and some of my favourite greys and cold blues. This is designed to help treasury curators lay out their selected items, but as I very rarely manage to nab a treasury spot, I thought I'd share it here (complete with the 'alternative' slots filled as I think the layout looks prettier in a wider grid)

Featured here are tiinateaspoon, lucyplayer, sugarspot, gypsyrabbit, yorktownroad, sheredesign, thenebulouskingdom, elizandaxel, nfall2art, clevergirl, moocowhandknits, joom, joannarutter, aliette, lilarubyking and larimeloom

I'm going to blog again soon about my new Constellations series, but for now it's hot water bottle time. :-)