Thursday, 1 January 2009

Looking back, looking forward

The shop is now open again as I am back from my jaunt in the freezing north of England! Having recovered from the lengthy journeys up north and back down south, I've now got the usual retrospective feeling of early January.

2008 was quite an eventful year. A quiet battle with the local council to get the financial support I am entitled to. Two family members made redundant. One family member hospitalized with a serious illness prolonged by foolish blunders made by doctors who should have known better. Months of stress in my Day Job while I struggled to run an understaffed shop, compounded by the worry that my creative ventures might all be for nothing...

...and yet...

...2008 was a pretty good year. The battle with the council was won. One redundancy resolved with a happy career change. The sick relative is better. I got a new helper in my job that has left my life far less stressful. But most importantly of all, I have had some small vindication that I am on the right track with my artistic endeavours. Last year I tentatively wrote down a target for sales of the things that I make. I honestly didn't think I'd reach it, but I did! It is truly wonderful to know that there are people out there who like what I do.

I'm looking forward to a good year ahead - I hope you all are too. :-)