Thursday, 11 December 2008

Boxed up

Having listed another Midnight Blizzard cuff yesterday, I decided not to rush making another brooch or cuff to get it listed in time for my North America Christmas deadline. I could have managed something I think but it would have been a rushed job and being the persnickety thing that I am, I don't want to list anything that I've not taken a reasonable amount of time making.

Having told myself that there was little sense in hurrying to get anything more listed (for the sake of my sanity as well as quality control!) I spent the evening watching my old video of Love Actually. It was the first time in a long while that I've sat down and not been thinking about making things or doing my accounts, and I think I needed it. This film always makes me feel festive and recall the day I met Richard Curtis, outside Somerset House, filming a snippet of a skating rink for the opening sequence!

I was woken from my peaceful post-relaxing-evening sleep by a very early (8.30 am) visit from the postman delivering a parcel I've been anxiously awaiting. At last, I have my new jewellery boxes!

I'm really pleased with them, though a little disappointed that Royal Mail managed to take a week to deliver them. Any earrings or necklaces sold now will come packaged like so:

Plus a little raffia ribbon or suchlike to finish it off. The great thing about the boxes is not only are they a more practical way for me to package jewellery, they're also made with recycled card and covered with paper from sustainable forests.

I'm going to slow down production for the next week while I get ready to go away for Christmas. Lots of exciting new plans for the new year though, so watch this space for more of my scribblings and ramblings!


  1. Looks really lovely Cat!
    I am looking forward to one of those not-thinking about craft etc moments, but I will have to wait for mine.

  2. Those earrings look SO lovely!
    We were looking at recycled gift boxes, by that woman who was on 'Dragons Den'.
    Hope you sell lots for xmas.