Thursday, 27 November 2008

I don't want a lot for Christmas...

...there are just a few things I need...
So - friends, relatives, mysterious wealthy benefactors (I can dream, can't I?) - if you're reading this, I'd like...

An obi belt from loobyloucrafts - she's right here in Cornwall and you can't get better than handmade AND local now can you?
Pretty much anything from PrinceDesignUK - gorgeous ceramics there
Again, almost anything by the wonderfully talented AnneJulie
Snuggly wuggly armwarmers by Overcast (dark blue maybe?)
Pretty print of a bird and a nest by Geninne - aren't the colours gorgeous?
I love the brooches and tea sets by EstherCoombs - she buys crockery from charity shops and draws onto them with special ink - such a wonderful way of reinvigorating old china!
I've been wanting a kimono wrap from MeandD for soooo long. Charcoal blue sounds especially lovely.
Anything by Rob Ryan. He's my all time hero.
Beautiful legwarmers from adventuresofjr
One of ellembee's pretty t-shirts
A posey ring from KathrynRiechert - I love the hand stamped lettering, though I can't choose the best word... 'dream' maybe or 'create'
A steampunk bee from tinyminds - I love the idea of clockwork insects!
Umbrella earrings by clevergirl - I've been eyeing those for a long time too. Of course there's the small matter of me not having pierced ears anymore...but that can be remedied. Especially considering I'd also love some bird earrings from Tillybloom. I wonder if my shipping coupon from her is still valid...
These applique rabbit maryjanes from Anda at stopsandstarts - if they were only in my size (curses, large feet!)
And this lovely artwork from HidenSeek.

That's the top most items on my etsy wishlist (I could have added more, trust me!) Other things I want for Christmas are boring-to-look-at-on-a-blog non-handmade things (Stardust on DVD, for instance...) and of course I want to see friends and family for Christmas. One friend who I won't get to see over Christmas has just been to stay - so that was like a mini Christmas present in itself :D
This is Paula - banana cake baker and illustrator extraordinaire.

And, since I managed to persuade Paula to take a picture of me, I thought I'd finally bite the bullet and show the world my face...
After many attempts that had unfortunate blinking, strange facial expressions etc, I settled on this one of me in my stylish burnt orange hat (with inevitable seagull flying out of my head, seemingly!)

In other news, I am planning on adding a couple of pendant necklaces to the shop on Friday :)


  1. Hellooo

    I did not know about this blog.. but now I do! What a lovely wish-list to have, it reflects what a lovely person you are :)

    Thanks for having me stay! See you again soon,

    paula x

  2. Nice to see the pics of you both!

  3. Great to hear Paula has been to visit, and to see you together : )