Thursday, 6 November 2008


Brrrrrrrr it's cold!

You can really feel the nights drawing in for winter here. I went to the post office this afternoon to send a scarf on its way and it was so dark outside, I asked the postmistress if she was closing soon - it felt much later than it was. Luckily she wasn't about to close and the recipient of the first ever Treacle Toffee scarf should have their parcel soon.

I'm going to be adding more scarves soon (likely next week) - another Shoal one methinks, another Tree Rings one definitely...and I think I may have found the perfect dark blue cotton jersey for these...

The 'Dusky Petals' design will be the first thing in my shop in quite a while to feature a colour other than blue, grey, brown or green! It will be layered circles of a gorgeous dusky raspberry linen I got a while ago, along with some nice rose silk. I was going to make the scarf base with a shade of raspberry pink jersey (and I may make a version with that as well at some point) but I think the colours I have would look rather striking against navy blue. What do you think?

Cold weather accessories are definitely going to take priority for a while - scarves for necks and cuffs for wrists (jewellery that helps keep you warm!) I really wanted to make some bags (the initial sketches for which I posted on the other blog many moons ago) but I am going to need to dedicate some time to making the design as good as it can be - hopefully I'll have more on that in early 2009.

Stay cosy, folks!

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  1. Hello! I just went on etsy to set up a custom listing, and one of your pieces happened to be a featured item during the split second I was there. Just wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! So glad I chose that split second to log in.
    Good luck to you!