Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Fall for you

I've had one of those frustrating days of doing errands, where all the errand-locations are far apart and require scurrying in drizzly rain for hours on end. It's been a grey weather day, but it's also that lovely time of year when all the leaves fall off the trees. So, my scurryings were brightened up by carpets of golden yellow, rich brown and vibrant red. Nothing better to get me in the mood for making more autumn leaf brooches!

I'm pleased to say I've also completed my tree rings scarf. Stitching the semi-circles on by hand took quite a long time but I'm pleased with the effect - I know it wouldn't have been the same with machine stitching.

Home at last after my errands, I made my favourite autumn drink to give me a little boost. I call it a hot apple toddy - though since it doesn't have any alcohol in it I'm not sure toddy is the right word! It is very warming and comforting all the same.

Take one big mug...fill to about half way with chilled apple juice (the real kind is best, though this time I had to settle for 'from concentrate') ... sprinkle on a teaspoon of ground cinnamon... and fill to the top of the mug with hot (not quite boiling) water. Oooh lovely :D


  1. Sounds yummy, I make somthing similar, but with alcohol as well, usually a little sherry added, and a clove or two.

  2. Oo I wish I'd read that yesterday when it was raining and cold and miserable and I felt ill, a hot toddy would have been perfect. Ah well I'm sure they'll be many more such days with our English weather :D

  3. There probably will, mon petit lapin! For extra soothingness I sometimes add a smidgeon of honey as well. I haven't tried cloves, I'll bear it in mind as an alternative to cinnamon...

  4. 'Sounds delicious, Cat. I must give it a try next time I have some apple juice!